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Working in the UK

If you are from abroad and want to work in the UK you might need certain documents. This doesn't apply to British citizens or if you are from a country in the European Economic area. Swiss nationals are also able to work in the UK without documentation.


If you come from outside of one of these countries you will probably need a Visa and / or a work permit before you are allowed to start working in the UK.

Do you need a Visa or work permit?

A Visa allows you to visit the UK. If you meet the criteria above you'll need to get one but that does not automatically mean you're allowed to work. If your Visa is marked "prohibited" you will also need a work permit, which your employer has to apply for.

What about students?

- If you have a student Visa you can work in the UK

- You can work outside term time and up to 20 hours a week during term

- You can't be in permanent or full-time employment

- You can't run a business or be self-employed

How we can help

The information on this page is meant as a guide. You should contact us at Nine To Five Recruitment on 01424 224 520 for more information and you can check the website of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

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